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Best Construction Services Available Around the Swansea, IL Area

Thinking about making changes to your home? Be sure to call a reliable construction company in your area. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc., serving Swansea, IL, is here to help. We offer a range of building and construction options for both homes and businesses. Being a family-operated company, we understand how important it is to have a home that’s both inviting and up to date. We’re dedicated to providing the essential services the local community counts on. With our broad range of experience and knowledge, you can depend on Shrum for high-quality construction and home improvement work.

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Top Home Improvement Solutions in Swansea, IL

Looking to update the appearance of your home, whether it’s the interior or exterior? Call a local home improvement specialist for top-notch service and a friendly approach. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc., providing skilled home improvement and construction services in Swansea, Illinois, is here to support you. Being a family-run business, we understand the importance of maintaining a home that’s both secure and modern. We’re dedicated to aiding the local community in enhancing their homes. Trust in us to manage your home improvement projects with precise care and unwavering commitment.

Residents of Swansea, IL, rely on us for a comprehensive selection of home improvement services that radically change their living environments. Our skilled team is equipped to tackle a variety of projects, ideal for both business premises and private residences. We specialize in enlarging living areas, room additions, roof repairs, gutter installation, building decks and patios, installing skylights, and repairing damage from storms, to name just a few. If your house feels cramped, we can expand it to be more spacious and welcoming. Additionally, we excel at designing attractive outdoor living spaces, like decks and patios. Interested in upgrading your doors? We offer several options to enhance your home’s security and improve energy efficiency. Contact us for a free quote, and hire us to touch up your home in Swansea, IL.

Home Improvement Swansea, Illinois
Garage Swansea, Illinois

Enhance Your Home with a Garage Addition in Swansea, IL

Thinking about installing a new garage or revitalizing your current one? Contact your nearby construction and home improvement professionals right away. Shrum specializes in constructing new garages and updating old ones for residents of Swansea, IL, and the surrounding area. We understand the importance of having a functional garage for your home. Our mission is to support local homeowners by delivering new garage options, with customized advice throughout the entire process.

Need more room for vehicles, storage, or activities? Our garage building services are available for both business properties and private residences in Swansea, IL. Together, we’ll select the ideal size, materials, and design to suit your wishes. Our aim is to make sure you’re completely satisfied from start to finish. The garage we construct will be custom-made for you, reflecting your choice in design, roof, walls, doors, and windows. With a wide selection of options for both the roof and walls, we aim to accommodate your specific needs. If you’re considering transforming an existing garage into a workspace or an extra room, we’re equipped to make that change happen. No need to move to gain more space; just get in touch with Shrum for a free estimate. We are the most trusted company in the area for garage building and home improvement services.