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Siding Installation & Repair for Customers in St. Louis Metro Area including Monroe County, St. Clair County, Madison County, Randolph County, Illinois and West County & South County of St. Louis, Missouri

Have you noticed the age of your siding? Are you thinking about a replacement? If so, you need to contact your local specialists who can provide repair and replacement. At Shrum, we provide services to customers in the St. Louis Area including the counties of Madison, Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair in Illinois and West County and South County in St. Louis County, Missouri. As a family-owned business, we know that siding is something that you’ll probably have to think about over the lifespan of your home. With this in mind, we aim to provide quality, affordable services to our local communities!

Siding Repair Granite City IL

Our Siding Services

Those in the St. Louis area know that it’s us to call for all their siding service needs. They trust us to provide an experienced team that understands how to provide service to commercial and residential customers. Additionally, we take pride in offering a wide variety of services, ensuring that the help you need is always just one phone call away. Contact our staff for any of the following services that we offer:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Soffit & Fascia

Available Materials

There are all sorts of homes and all sorts of environments throughout the St. Louis area. Due to this, there’s not one type of perfect siding out there. The siding choice depends on the kind of building, the location, what it’s used for, and the owner’s budget. With this in mind, please take some time to review some quick information about all the materials we provide.

  • Aluminum – Aluminum siding is a lightweight and long-lasting material that is rust-proof, fire-proof, and waterproof when installed correctly. It’s also considered “green” since aluminum is recyclable. Unfortunately, aluminum dents easily require periodic repainting and are prone to scratching.
  • Steel – For those looking for metal siding but unsure about aluminum, steel is an option as it’s strong, eco-friendly, sound-proof, and highly durable. However, steel does tend to rust, and it’s hard to control the temperature in hot climates.
  • Wood – Wood siding is environmentally friendly and can be made of pine, spruce, fir, cedar, redwood, and cypress, and it can be stained in a number of colors and finishes. Additionally, adding wood siding can result in increased home value. However, the maintenance of wood is quite intensive and costly. It’s also prone to damage from the weather and must be replaced immediately.
  • Composite – Composite siding is a term that refers to vinyl, fiber cement, and other types of siding that utilize synthetic materials.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl siding is the type of composite material that we offer at Shrum. Vinyl is long-lasting, cost-effective, and comes in a wide variety of styles, textures, and colors. It provides excellent protection from the elements and is low-maintenance.