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Reliable Home Improvement Services Available Near Waterloo, IL

Planning some upgrades to your house? Contact a trusted construction firm near you. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc., available in Waterloo, IL, is ready to assist. We have various construction and construction services for residential and commercial properties. As a family-run business, we know the significance of keeping your home welcoming and modern. We are committed to offering the vital services the local community relies on. Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience, you can rely on Shrum to deliver superior construction and home improvement projects.

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Leading Home Enhancement Services in Waterloo, IL

Want to update the look of your house, inside and out? Call local home improvement experts for exceptional service with a personal touch. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc., offers professional home improvement and construction services in Waterloo, Illinois, standing by to help you. As a family-owned operation, we grasp the necessity of keeping your home safe and current. We are devoted to helping the local community improve their living spaces. Depend on us to handle your home improvement tasks with meticulous attention and steadfast dedication.

People living in Waterloo, IL, choose us for an extensive array of home improvement services that completely transform their homes. Our experienced crew is ready to handle various tasks, perfect for both commercial spaces and homes. Our expertise includes making living spaces bigger, adding new rooms, fixing roofs, setting up gutters, crafting decks and patios, fitting skylights, and fixing storm-related damages, among others. If you feel like your home is too tight, we’re here to make it larger and more inviting. We’re also skilled in creating beautiful outdoor areas, such as decks and patios. Looking to improve your doors? We have a variety of solutions to make your home safer and more energy efficient. Give us a call today for a free consultation on our services offered in Waterloo, IL.

Home Improvement Waterloo, Illinois
Garages Waterloo, Illinois

Upgrade Your Home with a New Garage in Waterloo, IL

Considering adding a new garage or having your current one upgraded? Contact a local construction and home improvement expert quickly. Shrum is experienced in building new garages and rejuvenating existing ones for the community in Waterloo, IL, and its nearby regions. We know how crucial a well-functioning garage is to your home. Our goal is to assist homeowners in the area by providing a variety of garage solutions, offering personalized guidance from beginning to end.

Looking for additional space for cars, storage, or hobbies? Our garage construction services cater to both commercial sites and homes in Waterloo, IL. We’ll work with you to determine the perfect size, materials, and layout that meet your needs. Our goal is to ensure your full satisfaction from the project’s inception to its completion. The garage we build will be tailored to your preferences, including the design, roofing, walls, doors, and windows. Offering a variety of choices for both the roof and wall materials, we’re committed to fulfilling your unique requirements. If you’re thinking about converting your current garage into a work area or additional living space, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. There’s no need to consider moving for more room; simply contact Shrum for a free quote and all our home improvement services. Let us build a garage that enhances your home.