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Shrum Roofing & Construction

Licensed Roofers Servicing Clients in Fairview Heights, IL

Embarking on a new project for your home or business? Reach out to a local roofing and gutter company known for delivering quality service with a team of experienced professionals. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc. offers a diverse range of services to the Fairview Heights, IL community and the wider St. Louis area. As a family-owned business, we understand the anticipation that surrounds remodeling and renovation projects. With our extensive experience and dedicated team, we strive to provide superior results, ensuring you’ll trust us for all your home improvement needs. Contact our roofers today!

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Fairview Heights's Premier Roofing and Gutter Services

Is your roof showing wear? Whether dealing with leaks or contemplating a roofing update, Shrum stands ready to assist. Our Fairview Heights-based team is committed to delivering reliable roofing services with a personal touch. As a family-operated business, we’re acutely aware of the importance of maintaining a solid roof over your residential or commercial properties for protection against the elements. We invite you to reach out for a complimentary roof evaluation!

Homeowners and businesses in Fairview Heights count on us for all their roofing needs. Our capable and welcoming staff is prepared to handle a range of projects, from installing roofs on new buildings, replacing old roofs, conducting repairs, to removing outdated roofing completely. We offer a broad variety of roofing materials, such as metal, contemporary shingles, slate, rubber (EPDM), and clay tiles, each selected for their unique advantages and limitations. Our mission is to assist you in choosing the most suitable roofing solution for your building.

Roofing Fairview Heights, Illinois

Addressing roofing issues promptly is key to preventing significant damage to your building. Be vigilant for signs like warping shingles, significant shingle wear, debris in your gutters, water leaks, stains on internal walls or ceilings, and rising energy costs. Noticed any of these problems? Don’t hesitate to contact Shrum Roofing and Construction immediately. We are equipped to address your roofing challenges swiftly and with precision in Fairview Heights.

Gutters & Downspouts Fairview Heights, Illinois

Fairview Heights's Go-To for Gutter and Drainage Solutions

Look to Shrum Roofing & Construction for exceptional gutter and drainage services in Fairview Heights. Our seasoned and friendly team excels in gutter repair and updates, catering to both commercial and residential needs within the community. With a wide array of services available, the help you require is just a phone conversation away. Our offerings include gutter installation on new projects, gutter repairs, replacements, and tailor-made gutters designed according to your specific needs. Given the variety in gutter design and functionality, we offer choices in materials like aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl. Contact us for professional guidance on choosing the perfect gutter system for your property.

Explore our selection of gutter materials, each with distinctive advantages and considerations. From cost-effective aluminum to maintenance-friendly copper, durable steel, or lightweight and simple-to-install vinyl, we provide options to accommodate various preferences and budgets. Thinking it’s time to replace your gutters? Watch for signs such as gutter separation, rust, poor drainage, roof leaks, or foundational concerns. Our skilled team is on standby to offer detailed advice and solutions for identifying and resolving your gutter issues.