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Roofing Contractors Near New Athens IL, Free Roof Repair Inspections

Is your roof showing signs of wear and tear or in need of a complete replacement? Reach out to your trusted local gutter and roofing contractors for professional service. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc. offers roofing and gutter services to residents in New Athens, IL and the surrounding communities of the St. Louis Metro-East area. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of projects that make your family proud. With our extensive experience, we ensure that each project yields results that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your project!

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New Athens, IL Professional Roofing Services

Is your roof beginning to betray signs of aging? Whether you’re wrestling with annoying leaks or mulling over a comprehensive roof makeover, Shrum is at your disposal. Servicing New Athens, Illinois, our team is renowned for its commitment to providing roofing solutions you can depend on. As a firm with family at its core, we recognize the critical role a sturdy roof plays in defending your home or business against the unpredictable climate. We encourage you to reach out for a free evaluation of your roofing needs!

Residents and business owners in New Athens trust us for a spectrum of roofing requirements. Our proficient and congenial team is prepared to embark on a variety of roofing endeavors, including installations for new buildings, roof replacements, repairs, or the full removal of ancient roofing. Our arsenal includes a variety of roofing materials, such as metal, trendy shingles, slate, rubber (EPDM), and clay tiles, each chosen for its distinctive benefits. Our aim is to guide you to the ideal roofing material for your structure.

Roofing Contractors New Athens, Illinois

Acting immediately on roofing issues is crucial to avoid more serious damage to your structure. Be on the lookout for problems such as contorted shingles, visible damage, gutters choked with debris, leaks, stains on internal walls or ceilings, and a hike in energy bills. Should you notice any of these issues, make sure to contact Shrum Roofing and Construction without a moment’s delay. Our team is on standby to address your roofing issues promptly and masterfully in New Athens.

Gutters & Downspouts New Athens, Illinois

Gutter Solutions for New Athens, IL: Ensuring Proper Drainage

For first-rate gutter and drainage services in New Athens, Shrum Roofing & Construction is your premier choice. Our skilled and friendly team specializes in everything gutter-related, attending to the needs of both the commercial and residential sectors in New Athens. With a wide array of services at your disposal, finding the assistance you need is effortlessly easy. Our range of services includes gutter installations for new buildings, repairs, replacements, and designing gutters tailored to your specific needs. We offer a selection of materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl, providing personalized advice to help you select the most appropriate gutter system for your drainage requirements.

Delve into our selection of gutter materials, each known for its unique benefits. From budget-friendly aluminum and resilient copper to durable steel or easy-to-install vinyl, we have solutions that cater to all preferences and financial situations. If you think it might be time for new gutters, keep an eye out for signs of issues such as gutter disengagement, rust, ineffective drainage, roof leaks, or foundational concerns. Our capable team is ready to offer extensive consultations and solutions for diagnosing and resolving your gutter challenges.