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Shrum Roofing & Construction

Roofing Services Available for Residents in O'Fallon, IL

Looking to enhance your home or business? Connect with your local construction experts, renowned for their top-quality work and outstanding customer service. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc., a leading roofing company, proudly serves O’Fallon, IL, and the surrounding communities of Metro-East in the St. Louis area, offering a comprehensive range of services. As a family-owned business, we are committed to delivering long-lasting solutions. With our extensive experience and a team of skilled contractors, we guarantee not only meeting but surpassing your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your project!

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Expert Roofing Solutions in O'Fallon, IL

Has your roof seen better days? If you’re facing leak dilemmas or it’s time for a significant roofing update, Shrum is your go-to resource in O’Fallon, Illinois. Our team, proudly serving O’Fallon, is devoted to providing high-quality roofing services that last. As a business that’s flourished within a family setting, we’re keenly aware of how essential a reliable roof is for safeguarding your residential or commercial sites from adverse weather. We’re here for you to schedule a no-obligation roof inspection!

O’Fallon’s community, encompassing both residential and commercial sectors, relies on us for their diverse roofing needs. Our experienced and approachable staff is equipped to handle an array of roofing tasks, from new construction roofing, replacing aging roofs, carrying out repairs, to removing obsolete roofing. We have a comprehensive repertoire of roofing materials, including metals, stylish shingles, slate, rubber (EPDM), and clay tiles, appreciating the unique benefits each material offers. Our objective is to assist you in selecting the perfect roofing material that aligns with your property’s requirements.

Roofing O’Fallon, Illinois

Prompt intervention on roofing matters is vital to circumvent extensive structural damage. Stay vigilant for signs such as twisted shingles, significant shingle damage, clogged gutters, water infiltration, interior stains, and an escalation in heating or cooling costs. Encounter any of these signs? Reach out to Shrum Roofing and Construction immediately. Our crew is prepared to tackle your roofing predicaments with efficiency and expertise in O’Fallon.

Gutters & Downspouts O’Fallon, Illinois

O'Fallon's Gutter and Drainage Excellence

When it comes to superior gutter and drainage services in O’Fallon, Shrum Roofing & Construction stands out as the definitive choice. Our team of experts, celebrated for their skill and hospitality, excels in gutter repair and modernization, meeting the needs of O’Fallon’s diverse commercial and residential landscape. Offering an extensive range of services, the support you’re seeking is just a conversation away. From installing gutters on new structures, conducting repairs, undertaking replacements, to custom-fitting gutters for your precise requirements, we cover all bases. With options in materials like aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl, we’re here to guide you towards the best gutter system for your property’s drainage needs.

Explore our comprehensive collection of gutter materials, each offering distinct advantages for consideration. Whether it’s the economical appeal of aluminum, the longevity of copper, the robustness of steel, or the straightforward installation of vinyl, we provide choices that accommodate various tastes and budgetary limits. If it’s time to consider new gutters, be alert for signs like gutter separation, corrosion, drainage challenges, leaks affecting your roof, or foundational issues. Our proficient team is ready to provide in-depth advice and effective solutions for any gutter-related problems you might face.