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Roofing Contractors for Hire in South County, MO, Free Quotes

Are you in the process of selecting contractors for an upcoming construction project? Before making your decision, be sure to reach out to the foremost local experts in top-notch construction and remodeling. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc. offers roofing and gutter contractors specializing in a variety of roofing and gutter services. As a family-owned business, we understand that your family depends on us for quality service at an affordable cost. Furthermore, our team of professionals possesses a wealth of experience, which they leverage to produce results that your family will appreciate for years to come. Contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation with our contractors!

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South County, MO: Superior Roofing Services at Your Doorstep

If your roof in South County is starting to show its age or has begun leaking, Shrum is the partner you need. Our team, deeply embedded in South County, MO, specializes in delivering superior roofing solutions to ensure your residential or commercial premises remain secure against adverse weather. Our foundation in family values drives our understanding of the vital role a strong roof plays. We’re eagerly waiting to provide a thorough, free inspection of your roofing system.

Our reputation in South County stands strong for providing a wide range of roofing services to an array of clients, including both homeowners and businesses. Whether it’s the installation of roofs on new buildings, conducting timely roof replacements, undertaking repairs, or removing old roofing, we’ve got it covered. Our expertise extends across various roofing materials—each with its benefits—ranging from durable metals, stylish shingles, and classic slate to eco-friendly rubber (EPDM) and traditional clay tiles. Finding the right roofing solution for your specific needs is where we excel.

Roofing Contractors South County, Missouri

Swiftly addressing any roofing issues is key to avoiding further damage to your property. Be vigilant for any signs of wear such as shingle warping, notable damage, blocked gutters, leaks, stains on the inside, and increased energy bills. Should you notice any of these issues, Shrum Roofing and Construction in South County, Missouri is ready to act fast, ensuring your roofing problems are resolved efficiently and effectively.

Gutters & Downspouts South County, Missouri

Expert Gutter Solutions for South County, MO

Shrum Roofing & Construction stands out for providing expert gutter and drainage services in South County, catering to both commercial and residential projects with excellence. Our broad spectrum of services ensures that you can find just the assistance you need, whether it involves new gutter installations, repairs, replacements, or creating custom-fit gutters for your unique requirements. Our array of materials, including aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl, means we can offer tailored advice on choosing the most suitable gutter system for your property.

Have a look at our selection of gutter materials, each with its own set of benefits. From the economic advantages of aluminum and the durability of copper to the robustness of steel or the installation ease of vinyl, we cater to diverse needs and budgets. If you’re experiencing issues like gutter separation, rusting, ineffective drainage, leaks from the roof, or foundational problems, our adept team in South County, Missouri is on call to provide detailed consultations and solutions for all your gutter needs.