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  • Roofing services for customers in the St. Louis Metro Area including Monroe County, St. Clair County, Madison County, Randolph County, IL and West & South County in St. Louis County MO

    Has your roof sprung a leak? Is your roof aging and due for a replacement? Call your local roofing contractors for the help you need from friendly professionals that you can trust. At Shrum, we provide roofing services to customers in the St. Louis Area including the counties of Madison, Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair in Illinois and West County and South County in St. Louis County Missouri. Our family-owned business understands the importance of having a strong roof over your head, and we’re here to provide repair and replacement to keep your home or business dry and warm. Contact us for a free roofing estimate!

  • Our Roofing Services

    Those in the St. Louis Metropolitan area know that it’s us to call for all their roofing needs. In fact, we offer service from a trained and friendly staff that has the experience to provide roofing services at all commercial and residential locations. Additionally, we take pride in offering a range of roofing services, ensuring the professional roofing solutions that you need are just a phone call away. Contact us for any of the following services.

    • New Construction Roofing
    • Roofing Installation
    • Roof Repair
    • Roof Replacement
    • Roof Tear-Outs

  • Available Roofing Materials

    In the St. Louis area, there are all sorts of homes and environments scattered throughout these local communities, which means that there isn’t just one type of roofing that’s best for everyone – it depends on your home, your family, your neighborhood and countless other factors. Shrum understands this, and we take the time to get to know you before recommending what we think is your best option. Please read below for some quick information about each type of roofing that we offer, or contact our staff for additional details.

    • Metal Roofing – There are quite a few benefits to metal roofing that include a life expectancy of 20 – 50 years, lightweight construction, ease of installation, fire resistance, reflectivity and waterproofing. Unfortunately, metal roofing is costly, prone to denting and may develop a number of other problems if not installed correctly.

    • Architectural Roofing – These are sometimes referred to as dimensional shingles or laminate shingles. However, these are not cut into tabs like traditional shingles and is reinforced with additional asphalt that has been laminated to the shingle with an asphalt sealant. This creates additional thickness over traditional asphalt shingles.

    • Slate Roofing – Slate roofing is desired for its beauty and recognizable texture. Additionally, slate can last over 100 years, which means you may never have to replace your roof again. They’re also fire resistant. The drawbacks of slate roofing include the weight of the material, fragility to impacts from debris and the overall cost, which is more than asphalt roofing.

    • Rubber (EPDM) Roofing – Rubber roofs are constructed of eco-friendly materials and prove to be waterproof and reflective of cold and heat. Unfortunately, they may be prone to leaking and damage from falling debris.

    • Clay Tile Roofing – Clay tile roofing has been in use for a very long time, and it can last over 100 years. Additionally, there are plenty of styles to choose from; it’s low maintenance, energy efficient and resistant to damage from rot and insects. The downside to clay roofing is the cost – it can cost 2 – 3 times more than an asphalt roof. Also, due to the materials used, they’re only suitable for roofs with sharp slopes.