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Siding Contractors Mascoutah, IL, Fascia, Gutters, & Windows

Are you looking to revitalize the exterior of your home or embark on a home improvement project? Now is the time to contact our reliable experts in remodeling, siding, and roofing for both residential and commercial needs. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc. is your go-to source for a wide range of solutions in siding, roofing, and remodeling, serving clients in Mascoutah, IL, and the broader St. Louis area. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of top-quality work and leverage our extensive experience to meet your expectations. Reach out to our team today to arrange a complimentary consultation for your project!

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Mascoutah, IL's Leading Siding Solutions: Premier Installation and Maintenance for All Siding Types

Is the exterior of your home showing signs of age or has it been damaged by recent storms? Maybe you’re considering moving away from outdated aluminum siding to newer, more eco-friendly, and sturdy options? Finding a local expert with a solid reputation is essential for the best siding maintenance and upgrade services. Shrum is at the forefront in Mascoutah, offering superior siding services. As a family-centered business, we emphasize offering siding upgrades that not only boost the visual appeal of your home but are also economical and provide substantial long-term benefits to our clients.

Mascoutah, IL residents trust us for their complete siding requirements, serving both the residential and commercial sectors. Our team, known for its depth of expertise, provides a full range of services to ensure we are your first port of call for any siding concerns. For the finest installation, maintenance, and replacement services, including comprehensive solutions for gutters, downspouts, soffit, and fascia, make sure to contact us. We are adept at meeting the specific architectural preferences and weather-related challenges of Mascoutah, offering a wide selection of materials like aluminum, steel, wood, composite, and vinyl. Vinyl siding is particularly appealing for its balance of price, durability, and minimal maintenance requirements, making it a prime choice for homes in Mascoutah’s diverse weather conditions.

Siding Mascoutah, Illinois
Windows Mascoutah, Illinois

Mascoutah's Top Window Service Providers: Affordable, High-Efficiency Window Installations and Upgrades

Feeling drafts around your windows or noticing your energy bills climbing? It might be the perfect moment to consider upgrading your windows with the assistance of area experts. Shrum stands out in providing high-grade window solutions tailored for the Mascoutah community. As a business deeply rooted in family values, we aim to deliver window options that offer maximum energy savings and align with your specific home improvement and budgetary needs. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today to see the advantages of our bespoke window installation services.

In Mascoutah, we are recognized for our window services excellence. Our installations are conducted efficiently and professionally by a crew that’s well-acquainted with the unique needs of both businesses and residences. Our scope of work includes everything from installing brand new windows, carrying out replacements, to extensive window wrapping. If you’re debating the necessity for new windows, vigilant signs include escalating energy expenses, difficulties in window functionality, deterioration of frames, compromised sound insulation, and visible condensation between panes indicating a seal failure. Enhancing your windows can notably elevate energy efficiency, noise mitigation, the aesthetic allure of your domicile, and its value.