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Shrum Roofing & Construction

Quality Siding Installation & Repair Services Available Mehlville, MO

Whether you are getting ready to start a brand-new home remodeling project or want professional repair for your siding, windows, and other projects, you want an experienced company for the job. Shrum Roofing & Construction is a licensed roofing company for the Mehlville, Missouri area. We offer a range of remodeling and construction services throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Shrum Roofing & Construction is family-owned and we know the importance of quality service and the need for more modern, efficient homes. With our dedicated and experienced staff, you can rely on our licensed roofing company at Shrum Roofing & Construction for your residential and commercial service in the Mehlville, Missouri area.

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Mehlville, MO's Expert Siding Contractors: Customized Installation and Repair for Various Siding Materials

Does your home’s outer layer need rejuvenation or repair from the wear of adverse weather conditions? Or are you pondering a shift from ancient aluminum siding to more modern, environmentally friendly, and resilient materials? Opting for a local authority known for excellence is key to obtaining superior siding repair and revamp services. Shrum leads the industry in Mehlville, providing unmatched siding services. This family-oriented business is dedicated to presenting siding upgrades that improve your property’s curb appeal while being cost-efficient and delivering tangible, enduring advantages to our patrons.

The inhabitants of Mehlville, MO, rely on us for full-service siding solutions, addressing both dwellings and business premises. Our proficient personnel is celebrated for its comprehensive array of services, ensuring we are your one-stop for any siding needs. For premier installation, upkeep, and overhaul services, including all-inclusive treatments for gutters, downspouts, soffit, and fascia, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We excel in catering to Mehlville’s specific design sensibilities and the climatic demands, with a broad inventory of materials including aluminum, steel, wood, composite, and vinyl. Vinyl siding earns high marks for its affordability, endurance, and low maintenance, establishing it as an outstanding protector for Mehlville homes against local environmental conditions.

Siding Mehlville, Missouri
Windows Mehlville, Missouri

Mehlville's Foremost Window Installation & Upgrade Experts: Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Window Solutions

Encountering air leaks around your windows or a surge in your heating and cooling costs? Now may be the opportune time to explore window upgrades with support from neighborhood experts. Shrum is a leader in fitting superior window products specially for the Mehlville community. As a locally embedded family business, we focus on window solutions that enhance energy efficiency tailored to your home upgrading projects and financial plan. Book your free consultation today to learn about the benefits of our customized window installation offerings.

Residents of Mehlville, Missouri choose us for their window service needs. Our approach is clear-cut and executed by a squad proficient in addressing both commercial and residential property requirements. We offer an array of services, from the installation of new windows, undertaking replacements, to full window encasing. If you’re unsure about the need for new windows, signs to watch for include increased utility bills, operational challenges, frame degradation, diminished acoustic insulation, and fogging inside the panes, which suggests a compromised seal. Upgrading your windows can greatly improve energy conservation, noise reduction, the aesthetic appeal of your residence, and, significantly, its market value.