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Top Siding and Window Assistance in New Athens, IL

Starting a new roof project or updating your home is a big deal, and getting help from local experts in home construction for excellent results is key. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc. is your trusted provider for various siding and window needs in New Athens, IL, and the surrounding St. Louis area. As a business owned and run by a family, we deeply understand the importance of improving and updating our living spaces, which drives us to offer vital services to the local community. With our experienced team and many years in the field, you can be confident in the quality of the services Shrum delivers for both your home and business construction, along with home improvement projects!

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New Athens' Choice for Siding: Expert Wood, Vinyl & Metal Services

Is your siding looking old or damaged after a storm? Thinking about switching from traditional aluminum siding to newer, attractive, durable, and efficient options? For the best in repairs and new installations, finding a local expert contractor is crucial. Shrum provides both installation and repair services specifically for New Athens, Illinois residents. Being family-operated, we view siding as an important investment in your home and pledge to offer high-quality and affordable options for the local community.

New Athens locals turn to us for all siding-related needs, for both their businesses and homes. Our seasoned crew is well regarded for delivering a broad range of services, ensuring you’re only a call away from the help you need. Get in touch for all installation, repair, and replacement needs, including work on gutters, downspouts, soffit, and fascia. We understand the unique home styles and environmental conditions in New Athens, leading us to offer a variety of siding materials. Check out options like aluminum, steel, wood, composite, and vinyl, each offering its benefits. Our preference for vinyl siding comes from its durability, cost-efficiency, and easy upkeep, making it a great choice for weather protection in New Athens, IL.

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New Athens' Trusted Window Professionals: Cost-Effective New and Replacement Windows

Noticed your windows letting in drafts or your energy bills creeping up? It might be time to explore new window options with assistance from local experts. At Shrum, we specialize in fitting new windows for New Athens residents. As a family-run business, we’re committed to offering you the energy-efficient windows your home needs, fitting both your aesthetic and budgetary requirements. Dial us for a quote and see the difference quality window installations can make, tailored specifically to your preferences.

In New Athens, we’re known as the reliable option for all window-related services. We ensure smooth and expert installations by our skilled team, attuned to the specifics of both business and residential settings. Our range covers new window installations, replacements, and window wrapping. If you’re debating whether to replace your windows, keep an eye out for signs like increasing utility costs, operational difficulties, frame decay, less effective noise reduction, and moisture between panes indicating seal issues. Opting for new windows can offer numerous benefits, such as better energy efficiency, enhanced noise control, improved curb appeal, and a boost in home value.