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Red Bud, IL's Premier Services for Siding and Windows

Planning a new roofing project or updates to your house needs the expertise of local building professionals to ensure high-quality service. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc. is your dependable choice for a wide range of siding and window projects in Red Bud, IL, and the surrounding St. Louis area. As a business run by a family, we prioritize making homes better and more up to date, dedicating ourselves to offering these essential services to the local community. With a wealth of experience, our team is ready to support your residential and commercial construction projects, covering all your home improvement needs.

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Red Bud's Go-To for Siding Services: Skilled in Wood, Vinyl & Metal

Noticing your siding is looking tired or damaged by the weather, or thinking about changing from old aluminum siding to something newer, more energy-efficient, and visually pleasing? Consulting with a local contractor who specializes in this area is crucial. Shrum is here to meet all your siding requirements in the Red Bud, Illinois area. As a company with family values, we consider siding a crucial investment in your home, promising to provide cost-effective, high-quality choices for our local residents.

Residents of Red Bud count on us for all their siding needs, for both their homes and businesses. Our experienced crew is prepared to offer a full spectrum of services, ensuring assistance is always a call away. Contact us for exceptional installation, repair, and replacement services, including detailed work on gutters, downspouts, soffit, and fascia. We adapt our services to the specific architectural styles and climate conditions of Red Bud, offering a selection of siding materials. Choices like aluminum, steel, wood, composite, and vinyl are available, each with unique advantages. Vinyl siding is often highlighted for its strength, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance, providing reliable protection against Red Bud’s weather.

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Red Bud's Finest in Window Installation & Replacement: Cost-Saving and Energy-Efficient Choices

Feeling drafts from your windows or noticing your heating costs going up? Now might be the perfect time to consider new windows with the help of local experts. Shrum excels in installing new windows for the Red Bud community. As a family-owned business, we aim to offer windows that not only save energy but also match your home improvement goals and fit your budget. Contact us to schedule a free quote and discover how customized window installations can transform your home.

In Red Bud, we are known as the dependable choice for window services. Our straightforward and professional installation process is handled by a knowledgeable team, capable of addressing the specific needs of both commercial and residential properties. Our services include the installation of new windows, replacement of existing ones, and window wrapping. If you’re unsure about replacing your windows, signs to look for include increasing energy bills, difficulty in operation, decaying frames, decreased ability to block noise, and condensation between panes that indicates a seal problem. Choosing new windows can greatly improve energy efficiency, reduce noise, enhance your home’s appearance, and increase its market value.