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Shrum Roofing & Construction

Smithton, IL's Top Siding and Window Solutions

When it’s time to update your roofing or make improvements to your house, choosing local construction and building experts is key to ensuring the best service. Shrum Roofing & Construction, Inc. is your go-to for a wide array of siding and window projects, actively serving the Smithton, IL community and the larger St. Louis area. As a family-owned business, we’re passionate about upgrading and refreshing homes, which drives us to offer these essential services to our neighborhood. With a seasoned team, we’re ready to take on both your residential and commercial building projects, fulfilling all your home improvement plans.

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Smithton's First Choice for Siding Services: Wood, Vinyl, and Metal Expertise

If your siding is looking worn or has taken a hit from recent storms, or if you’re considering upgrading from old aluminum siding to a newer, more energy-efficient, and visually attractive option, it’s important to talk to a local expert. Shrum is here for all your siding requirements in Smithton, Illinois. Treating siding as a crucial investment for your home, our family-led business is committed to providing affordable, quality solutions to the local community.

People in Smithton rely on us for their siding needs, covering both commercial buildings and residential properties. Our skilled team is prepared to deliver a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring you’re always one call away from the help you need. Contact us for leading installation, repair, and replacement services, including detailed attention to gutters, downspouts, soffit, and fascia. We adapt our offerings to meet the unique architectural and climatic needs of Smithton, presenting a diverse selection of siding materials. Aluminum, steel, wood, composite, and vinyl are among the options, each with its own set of benefits. Vinyl siding is particularly popular for its longevity, affordability, and ease of maintenance, making it an ideal choice for protecting Smithton homes against the elements.

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Smithton's Premier Service for Window Installation & Replacement: Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Options

Noticed your windows letting in drafts or your energy bills going up? It might be time to consider new windows with help from specialists in your area. Specializing in new window installations for the Smithton community, Shrum is a family-run business aiming to provide windows that save energy and meet your home improvement targets within your budget. Schedule a free quote with us to discover the benefits of custom window installations.

In Smithton, we’re recognized as a trustworthy provider of window services. Our installation is straightforward and professional, carried out by a team that understands the specific needs of both business and residential settings. Our services extend to installing new windows, replacing the old, and offering comprehensive window wrapping. If you’re wondering whether your windows need replacing, signs to watch for include increasing utility costs, operational challenges, frame deterioration, decreased noise blocking, and condensation between the panes that suggests a seal problem. New windows can significantly boost energy efficiency, reduce noise, improve your home’s appearance, and enhance its overall market value.